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Mari and James MacLean are both New York State licensed acupuncturists and run a classical Chinese medicine practice in New York City, and another in Millerton, NY. We employ all of the basic tools of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) as well as a few additional modalities.


Typically an initial appointment will consist of an extensive intake followed by treatment, which together last about one and one half hours. Follow-up appointments usually last about an hour. Depending on the condition of the patient and the strength of the pathology, treatment cycles will vary from just a few treatments to potentially longer term. We understand that people are often unfamiliar with Classical Chinese Medicine so we are always eager to talk about what we do. We can be contacted by phone or by email.

Health and Happiness,

Mari and James

close up of acupuncture maclean classical chinese medicine


Acupuncture is the insertion of sterile, single use, hair thin needles at specific points to allow for the correct flow of Qi thereby returning balance and health to the patient.

variety of chinese herbs maclean acupuncture


Chinese herbal medicine is a safe, natural way of helping the body to recover from many different illnesses from common colds to more serious internal medicine issues.

performing Moxabustion on a client maclean acupuncture classical chinese medicine


Moxabustion is an ancient Chinese tradition used most commonly to deal with pain or deficiencies. Externally it is burned above the patient’s skin to warm the body, to stop bleeding and to alleviate pain.

close up of Reiki healing hands to feet maclean acupuncture


Reiki is a beautiful, mystical and yet common and practical hands on healing method that is used around the world. Like Chinese Medicine it treats body, spirit and mind.

close up of cupping and gua sha on client maclean acupuncture


Moxabustion is an ancient Chinese tradition used most commonly to deal with pain or deficiencies. Externally it is burned above the patient’s skin to warm the body, to stop bleeding and to alleviate pain.


Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) is a complete medical paradigm used to diagnose, treat and or, prevent disease and improve wellbeing. It is effective for physical, psychological, and emotional problems.


Classical Chinese medicine is over 3000 years old period rooted in Taoist traditions, its curative goal is to return the body to a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang. Although the medical principles guiding classical Chinese medicine are firmly established and have not changed over the years, the art of the medicine has expanded and adapted with the changing times period classical Chinese medicine is now at home in many western hospitals around the country. Classical Chinese medicine is holistic, viewing the patient as a whole person rather than only specific diagnosis or symptoms. As such there are often a number of routes to pursue treatment, if one approach does not work well, other methods will meet the therapeutic needs of the patient.


Classical Chinese Medicine is applicable to all aspects of healthcare. A basic principle is that Classical Chinese Medicine is regulatory in nature attempting to restore the body’s natural functioning, thereby alleviating disease.  Treatment typically begins with an initial appointment consisting of an extensive intake from both a western and Chinese medicine perspective, followed by an acupuncture treatment and possibly an herbal consultation. The first appointment usually takes about one and one half hours. Follow-up appointments are about an hour.


Another difference between Western and Chinese Medicine is that CCM treats each patient as an individual. That is to say that a number of people could present with the same western diagnosis of for example irritable bowel syndrome and all could be treated differently based on their particular symptoms as well as their own constitutions. As such it is difficult to say exactly how long treatment will take. Classical Chinese Medicine does however expect to produce specific concrete results.

Mari MacLean Acupuncture
James MacLean acupuncture

James MacLean, L.Ac.


Mari MacLean, L.Ac. is licensed in New York State. She received her Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She has a private practice in NYC and Millerton, NY where she treats with acupuncture and Kampo (Japanese Herbal Medicine).

James MacLean L.Ac. is licensed in New York State. He received his Master of Traditional Medicine from Emperor's College of Traditional Medicine. He has a private practice in NYC and Millerton, NY where he treats with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. James is also a Level III Reiki teacher/master and is available for treatments as well as attunements.

Their clinics are general practice treating anything from pain management to chronic disease.

Both Mari and James are licensed  to practice Acupuncture in the state of New York (L.Ac.). To apply for the New York licenses both have passed the national examination by The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

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